About Us


Since 2010, the Young Women's Kinus has been organized by two young women from Los Angeles — Chayala Markovits (née Mentz) and Sarah Haller (née Elharrar) and is now being taken over by Racheli Shatnani and Simcha Elharrar. Each year, the Young Women’s Kinus brings chizuk to a demographic that often feels underserved in the community, and it has been a resounding success. After the tragic passing last year of Rabbi Shimon A”H Raichik — a Los Angeles Chabad community pillar — Shatnani and Elharrar chose to dedicate the Young Women’s Kinus to his memory, grateful for Rabbi Raichik’s decades of leadership and guidance. Rabbi Raichik’s kindness, wisdom, and generosity has helped and reached thousands who will forever be touched, and the Young Women’s Kinus will add a brick to the towering edifice that is his legacy.

During the Young Women’s Kinus each year, hundreds of girls gather in Crown Heights to socialize with friends, enjoy gourmet meals and receive a spiritual lift from workshops, sessions, and events tailored just for them.

Many of the girls in this age group are already involved in shlichus — assisting in Chabad houses around the world, Hebrew schools, bat mitzvah lessons, preschool, and so on — while others have found their niche in other fields. Accordingly, the sessions will tackle topics for both those who are working and those who are currently on shlichus.