Rabbi Shais Taub is a world renowned teacher, speaker, and author. He serves as scholar-in-residence at Chabad of the Five Towns and directs SoulWords.org, an organization for online dissemination of Torah teachings.


Rabbi Wolf is the Author of “Shiurim Btoras Hachassidus”; a series of classes explaining the essence of belief in G-d from the perspective of Chassidus in a step-by-step fashion. Rabbi Wolf’s thoughts have been published by YJL ( www.yjlnyc.com) an organization promoting Jewish awareness throughout the business community in NYC, he sends out a weekly email and by Jspace.com on a weekly basis. Rabbi Wolf’s classes focus on making Chassidus relevant and applicable in life. Students range from Pace University to Beth Rivkah seminary and from Chassidic adults to Businessman on Wall Street. In 2014 Rabbi Wolf was honored by Yagdil Torah and awarded the “Teaching and Vision Award”. Rabbi Wolf is known for his popular “Discussion of the Week” lunch and learn classes hosted in various offices in the city. 
www.yjlnyc.com http://ilearnch.com/profile/mendy-wolf/

Rabbi Eli Engelson and his wife Myriam, are the co-directors of The Soul House, a Chabad House for Chabad-born young men and women as well as Baalei Tshuva, who are rejuvenating their paths in Judaism, as well as Shuas Kollel, a Torah learning project which assists young men transition from Yeshiva into the workforce by providing a spiritual structure of daily learning and prayer.


Naomi Gutnick was born and bred in  Seattle, Washington. A Jewish Studies teacher in Australia for many years, Naomi is currently residing in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, completing a masters degree in Social Work. Naomi is passionate about holistic physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

 Raizel Schusterman is a Positive Psychology based life coach, a Chabad Shlucha/ Emissary, and a proud mother of 7 beautiful children. Raizel is passionate about sharing with others her love for positive psychology through the lens of Torah & Chassidus.

In her role as Rebitzen, and as a Life coach, Raizel has counseled couples, parents, and singles guiding them in their marriages, parenting, and navigating their lives in a more meaningful manner.

In addition to being a Chabad Shlucha/Rebbitzen, Raizel received her certification in Positive Psychology-the science to becoming happier- from the Flourishing Center CAPP Program in November 2019. In addition, she has earned her coaching certification from the ICF. Raizel works with both teens and adults to find purpose and meaning in their life. 

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Sheva first discovered her love and passion for health as a young woman. She earned her bachelor’s of Science in Health and Nutrition from Brooklyn College and followed her thirst for the holistic field of nutrition by pursuing various educational and experiential avenues in the realms of nutrition and holistic health.  She immersed herself in the study of holistic healing, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and completed Health Education training at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Palm Beach, Florida. After gaining an expansive repertoire of nutrition education both in the conventional and holistic spheres, Sheva earned a master’s degree in Dietetics at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. She completed her dietetic internship at the Austin Hospital, and the Royal Children's hospital in Melbourne, working with patients suffering from liver disease, diabetes, as well as working closely with geriatric patients. It was at these clinics that Sheva enjoyed infusing her naturalistic emphasis into her work and her private practice was born.



 Chana Hirschowitz is a young dynamic and passionate educator who has had the privilege of educating hundreds of high school students in the USA and Australia in five different schools. She is currently an educator in Beis Rivkah High School teaching in both the Judaic and Secular faculties. She particularly loves teaching Chassidus and bringing it into every subject she comes across. She has recently launched her own podcast ‘Weekly with Chana,’ bringing a refreshing new perspective to the Parsha through the lens of Chassidus.  Chana is dedicated to inspiring the future leaders, empowering them with educational skills and overall pride in our meaningful Torah, the light of Chassidus and Jewish heritage.



Chaya always loves getting a good deal. Being raised on Shlichus and having worked for Shluchim for over five years, she learned a lot about how to manage her finances in the best way possible. Once she saw her success, she started applying these tips to her day-to-day life. For the first time ever Chaya will be sharing her tips and tricks on how she’s done it and what she’s learned along the way.


Chaya has always been drawn to music and the power it holds to connect and inspire. From a young age, she discovered her love for singing and performing to uplift and empower women of all backgrounds. She strives to spread the beauty and connection of song to others through soulful melodies.


Dassi Zar is a former Shlucha at Chabad House Bowery in the downtown Manhatten community. She served as the director of education for the undergraduate students and co-led the young professional community with her husband, Yaakov. One of Dassi’s greatest passions is connecting, supporting and holding space for women to expand their consciousness through becoming ever present with what is, leaning into the wisdom of chassidut and staying true to Self. Her own up and down journey ultimately has lead her to go inward - where she continues to find light and has learned to dance with darkness. She currently resides in Great Neck, NY with her husband and two girls. You can connect with her at @bowerymama or @keter_rising on instagram. Dassi offers private depth work sessions, reach out to learn more.


Rochie Orimland raised and educated in Crown Heights, and continued my learning in seminary in Tzfat. The Tanya and Chassidus classes were always my favorite. Now, as a certified emotion code practitioner, the concepts in Kabbalah and Chassidus are my daily guides and tools in helping people to release their trapped emotions, negative subconscious beliefs, or anything else that keeps them from being fully aligned with their body and soul!


Mrs. Rivkah Slonim is the education director at the Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life and a lecturer on Jewish Medical Ethics at Binghamton University. A self-described "Chassidic Feminist", she lectures internationally on the intersection of Jewish observance and contemporary life with a special focus on Jewish women. She is the editor of Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology and Bread and Fire: Jewish Women Find G-d in the Every Day, an anthology on Jewish women’s spirituality. Mrs. Slonim serves on the Editorial Board of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute and is co-author of one of JLI’s most popular courses, Fascinating Facts.

Esty Perman is on Shlichus in Overland Park, Kansas, where she is the assistant director of a preschool and runs Chabad’s children's and women’s programming. She uses writing as a creative outlet and a way to frame her experiences. She is the author of From My Heart, published by Hachai, and can be found/followed on Instagram at @estyperman


From college student to proud Shlucha, Sandra tries to make everyday life the best it can be and more! Give an insta follow to watch the BTS of her daily funny shlichus/wife/motherhood adventures

Hadassah Shemtov lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children. She is a high school teacher and the founder and director of Batsheva Learning Center, an organization dedicated to advancing Torah education for women. She is passionate about creating innovative learning opportunities for women and girls.